Scene It ? The Dvd Movie Game

Race your friends around the game board as you rely on observation, memory and puzzle solving to crack over 1,000 on-screen and trivia card challenges! The DVD features scenes and images from your favorite TV shows, movies, musical artists and athletes. MTV, Disneyland, PlayStation 2, Austin Powers, American Idol, Kim Possible, the Rugrats, the Olsen Twins, and M & M’s are just a few of the many subjects featured on the Trivia Cards. Cool new categories include Distorted Reality and Funhouse Mirror, and plastic playing pieces feature a cell phone and a skateboard. It’s a great party game to play with your friends, but you don’t have to be a kid to compete – challenge adults to see how hip they really are! The first one to Final Cut, wins the game. Game includes DVD, Trivia Cards, Buzz Cards, Category Reference Cards, Flextime game board for long or short games, 4 collectible game pieces, 2 dice and game instructions. For 2 – 4 players or teams, ages 10 and up.